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  • very very very expensive , ask for a copy of your order and watch out , get ready to get really ripped off and lied to . good luck we live in london and wow they would do nothing for us when we called except excuse after excuse. This company is nothing but a bunch of scammers ,and im going to consumer and corporate affairs . When reading into all there blogs , I find out they use to be Canadian farm select and closed that company down for same reasons as had bad rating, oh and that company was listed at same address as this new company , and also same address was some company called naked meats , and was closed down as well. ONCE A SCAMMER always a scammer . Be careful . I cant get my money back cause they wont . But you can not even give them yours.

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    1. this company is not transparent at all . when we received our order all the boxes are only 5 lb. boxes . do the math its a rip off . then we read all the stuff on there website about ALL Ontario product , and all no chemicals etc. We also find out that free range Canada ltd is owned by nutra farms and has the same address as them . So they have there own rules about how animals should be raised etc. VERY misleading . They say on there website that free range Canada frequently visits there places to inspect etc. How do you inspect and VERIFY your own stuff . I would be very LEARY of this company as well. We also called homegrown Ontario and were told they were forced to take down the logo of homegrown Ontario and that seems fishy as well. I think they may buy some products from ontario but I cant see how they can buy enough and all no chemical like they say and serve all the people in all the offices they run .. BEWARE. DO YOUR INVESTIGATING

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      1. I liked our sales agent. He was very polite, friendly & knowledgeable. Both my husband and I are in the science profession, so we understood how they verified their product, which is in my opinion hard to find all in 1 supermarket (organic, farm-raised, etc.) Going to a local farm or organic butcher shop every week just doesn't seems practical with our busy schedule. Now I don't have to worry about shopping for meat & fish - just produce, dairy & shelf staples. Because most cuts of meat are individually wrapped & all flash-frozen, no more wasted food!

        Our delivery came yesterday. Although it seemed overwhelming unpacking 26 boxes into a freezer that came with our order, after a few hours we finally got most of it to fit. Had to give away 1.5 box to family. Probably won't order that much next time, but happy with the cuts & quality. Btw, the free sample of meat was amazing!!

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        1. Wow, a lot of people dont have any idea what they pay for clean meat. On the website it shows the testing that has come back clean with no traces of antibiotics or growth hormones. As a food consultant for people this meat would normally cost 20 to 40 dollars a lb, depending on cut. People that mention organic make me laugh. Very clued out not knowing they can go spend 24 dollars for 1lb of B/S and it shrink by 20% and it might have traces of antibiotics in it as well. Some people need to do some research I think. We have been eating from Nutrafarms for over 3 years and were spending 25 to 35 dollars a lb before on items not even anyways close to being as tasty and clean. It must be angry ex employees because everyone I referred are more than happy with the product. Anyways I guarantee if you try the meat just once and not believe these imaginary customers you will never have anything taste as good or clean;I promise.😄 Hope it helped cause my 3 munchkins and husband cant get enough

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          1. in response to: Sketchy at best . I do not ...


            The reviews on this website are from one of our competitors that is now actually out of business. Spencer foods. We have been in business since 2001 and hold an A + rating with the BBB we are so very proud of being able to brings our excellent quality druh=g and chemical free meat to Ontario homes in a very affordable and customized package.

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            1. Koster ★ Poor 1 out of 5

              2014-12-03 11:45:36 #chicken


              I signed up with Nutrafarms. They use high pressure sales to get you to buy. The salesman promised a "30-day money back guarantee". I didn't read through the contract, there is no money back guarantee. They don't list what you get. End of the day I paid $3000 for 135 pounds worth of meat. 100 pounds of that being ground chuck and chicken breasts. A few steaks were thrown in as well as roasts and ham. So you end up paying more than $20/pound for mostly chuck and breasts.

              The quality is so so. You can get way better at the butcher store for way less.

              They are scam. If you do sign up, demand immediately to see the list of items you're getting. You'll quickly find out that you're being scammed.

              Comment on Koster's Review of Nutrafarms
              1. Buyer beware the meat is o.k. but have had better from grocery store ,fish is very thin so difficult to cook with out drying the chicken we have used so far has been tough. It took 2 attempts to get my order any ware near right but even then there were items missing. My biggest complaint is the extra cost ontop of the food price of course not mentioned by the salesperson Delivery $95.00,Cutting & aging $270.95,wrapping & freezing $406.43, facilities & overheads $379.33, & the final hit service $298.05, for a total of $1449.76 Quite a scam If the other charges dont count as service then I dont know what does .none of these charges were made known to me .I must now consider this to be a very very costly lesson never to be repeated.

                Very angry Stoney Creek

                Comment on spatxle's Review of Nutrafarms
                1. I recently was visited by a Nutrafams food consultant, and the consultant did not tell my family about the grace period for cancelling. I also found out that this company use to go under a different name which had gone Bankrupt. My neighbours who are also with this company ran out of meat 6 months into a twelve month order. Thank goodness my husband read over the contract and we were able to cancel this before we received our delivery.

                  Comment on reverto's Review of Nutrafarms
                  1. in response to: you have been ripped off ! You ...

                    Competitors always post negative reviews. The real deal is Nutrafarms we will continue to support this company as best thing that ever happened to our family.

                    Comment on Mingan's Review of Nutrafarms
                    1. in response to: Poor . The salesman was nice but ...

                      Some of aweful reviews are from past employees and competitors. Nice try but best meat ever on the market. We know a few customers like ourselves who enjoy this product year after year .....

                      Comment on Mingan's Review of Nutrafarms
                      1. Poor. The salesman was nice but left out pertinent information, such as how much meat you will receive and the fact that there's a 10 day grace period during which time you can cancel your order. Check out the Consumer Protection Act of Ontario if you feel in any way that you've been scammed, which in the case of Nutrafarms, you likely have been. There are laws that protect consumers from getting ripped off, should you choose to utilize them. We received the sales pitch, then after feeling it was not quite right, did some additional research. We will be formally cancelling our order via a registered mail letter, sent to both Nutrafarms and their credit lender.

                        Comment on dracunculus's Review of Nutrafarms
                        1. Excellent ... »more
                        2. You should be a customer before you write crap . Nutrafarms has ... »more
                      2. in response to: I would be very careful of ...

                        Interesting, to be honest I am waiting as I write this for my first delivery. We asked similar questions of our sales person and were given the names and location of the farms; one being local to my wifes place of business. My wife knew of the farm and had passed by it a number of times on her way to work. I know the meat is expensive and I will wait to see if it compares to the local organic products sold at the Superstore and Fortinos.

                        I will write a further review once I have received my order, and compared it with similar products.

                        Comment on Grecs's Review of Nutrafarms
                        1. This is my second my order with Nutrafarms.
                          The chicken is excellent and the left overs can be eaten the next day with the same great taste. Unlike supermarket chicken which is not as enjoyable the next day. Same with the pork chops, italian sausage, bacon,ground beef, ribs or fish.
                          Furthermore, the convenience of having meat on hand and not having to lug it home from the supermaket or farm each time I shop, is to me a great convenience.By my calculations the weekly cost of the loan equals the price I usually pay weekly for meat wherever I shop.

                          In addition, my experience with the staff at Nutrafarms has been so far, informative and pleasant. Have recommended Nutrafarms to friends and family.

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                          1. in response to: I wanted to find a supplier ...

                            Ask them for a letter showing there products are what they say they are. Bunch of lies anyone can show you a picture of a cow and say anything. Call the consumer and corporate affairs on them as bullshiters

                            Comment on tropolitano's Review of Nutrafarms
                            1. Excellent ... »more
                          2. Poor...Well in fairness, I have to say the meat is of good quality but what you pay for the lesser cuts of meat is astronomical. Sausages, bacon and chicken patties are on par with your steaks, roasts, chicken breasts and choice cuts per/pound (premium prices for sausages? Really!). They salesman doesn't give you a cost per pound when he or she is working you over at your house (won't do that or you would't buy). Also, they said you can exchange at anytime for other meats if you need to (exchange sausages for chicken fingers) well....just got off the phone with them and they stated to late (only 30 days) B.S ....she said look at the back of the agreement.....that's not what the salesperson said! I have two kids who went through 2 bags of chicken fingers in two months! That's what they sent! Two bags and McCain french fries....that's right McCain Fries not fresh....they don't tell you that. I'm settling my bill and never again! Buyer beware I was duped! FEEL FREE TO CALL ME NUTRAFARMS!

                            Comment on Haid's Review of Nutrafarms
                            1. I wanted to find a supplier that was transparent with their farming practices. This company comes to your door to explain everything with how the meat is raised, processed and packaged. You don't overpay for water weight and cheap feeds. The beef is all Charlet and Black Angus and completely grass fed (They show you video and pictures of their cattle and guarantee it all comes from one farm in Stayner Ontario) Their chicken is Capon, not the 30 day old chicken most other organic suppliers use. It's very high quality meat for a price not too much more expensive than buying from a quality grocery store. Very happy with buying, will buy again.

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                              1. Ask them for a letter showing there products are what they ... »more
                            2. in response to: We were and have been very ...

                              you have been ripped off! You are paying an average of $12 per pound. I am attaching a webpage you may want to look at where ground turkey is $7.95 for organic fed and the boneless chicken breast in $9.95 and that is the most expensive pricing. Averaging out to overpricing of $4 per pound!

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                              1. Excellent , Best meat ever ... »more
                              2. Competitors always post negative reviews . The real deal is Nutrafarms we ... »more
                            3. Jamica ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                              2014-08-15 15:48:30 #chicken

                              Meat works out to be $15 per pound. That includes ALOT of "fryer chickens" chicken thighs etc. 100% rip off. Wont even tell you the price of the meats

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                              1. Sketchy at best. I do not agree with the way they conduct business. The sales people were pushy and made me feel uncomfortable.

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                                1. Excellent The reviews on this website are from one of our ... »more
                              2. in response to: Oh and for all you people ...

                                We have attempted to contact you by email and by phone and soon realized you were actually a competitor of Nutrafarms trying to tarnish our name. The one mistake you made was indicating that we charged interest when the order was financed. This is totally incorrect there is no interest over 10 months nice try.

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                                1. Sine ★★ Fair 2 out of 5

                                  2014-07-17 23:49:07

                                  in response to: Unfortunately , the company has a manager ...

                                  Its guaranteed for 18 months, you should have got your money back rather than throw it out.

                                  Comment on Sine's Review of Nutrafarms
                                  1. WIGHT ★★ Fair 2 out of 5

                                    2014-06-27 09:02:06

                                    Am I the only one that notices that the only 4-5 star reviews are in response to a complaint or a one liner?

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                                    1. Cottage ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                      2014-06-26 23:51:40 #meat

                                      in response to: We were totally talked into signing ...

                                      I dont trust them. The sales person who came to the door actually had our meat sample that we were promised, hidden in his jacket until we committed to sit down for a two hour sales pitch.

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                                      1. Cottage ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                        2014-06-26 23:49:00 #meat

                                        Unfortunately, the company has a manager who mistreats employees. Also, by 9 months, the meat was old and disgusting tasting. We ended up throwing most of it out.

                                        Comment on Cottage's Review of Nutrafarms
                                        1. Its guaranteed for 18 months , you should have got your money ... »more
                                        2. Some of aweful reviews are from past employees and competitors . Nice ... »more
                                      2. We were and have been very happy with this product. We purchased the small package in full last July and still have 1/3 of the meat left. We received approximately 250 pounds of higher quality cuts (75 lbs ground turkey and 50 lbs boneless chicken were the principles components). The meat is delicious, plain and simple.

                                        Comment on Adamsville's Review of Nutrafarms
                                        1. you have been ripped off ! You are paying an average of ... »more
                                      3. Tikvah ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                        2014-06-11 17:39:04

                                        in response to: Biggest . Mistake . Ever . We signed but ...

                                        Oh and for all you people who gave it a thumbs up, we did too for the first couple months based on convenience....we soon realized it was two big thumbs down!

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                                        1. We have attempted to contact you by email and by phone ... »more
                                      4. Biggest.Mistake.Ever. We signed but were not informed that it would be on a loan with interest. It wasnt until I called them that we were informed our next order could be paid in full with credit card. Well guess what? There will be NO future order and I am letting people know it is a scam. We were not given a printout of our meat until AFTER it was delivered and it ends up being extremely expensive, more so then certified organic meat. It was suppossed to last ONE year, it has been 7 months and we can see the bottom of our freezer and we arent even eating the meat every night and we are still paying for it monthly. Stupid. Stupid.Stupid. What a bunch of scammers. The meat doesnt even taste that great. Actually, the beef makes me sick to my stomach. Bought organic, grass fed beef from a farm in the country and it is incredible compared to the so called free-range crap they sell.

                                        Comment on Tikvah's Review of Nutrafarms
                                        1. Oh and for all you people who gave it a thumbs ... »more
                                        2. Seems like a trend on other boards . ... »more
                                      5. I was scammed by Onterrafarms-which was the same concept. we ordered meat from Onterrafarms received half the order,To receive the other half in 6 months(as we were on a year of equal payment plan). When we were to receive the other half of our order the company was no longer there. I initially thought it was a steep price to pay but agreed with the whole locally grown, free range meat. this company sounds like the same and if you were talked to by a man named Chris Lasso and some trainee. throw them out the door and lock it. They owe me $1300. I had bought on credit, the credit company was told I had received my order in full. scam artists indeed. I am saying I was scammed by a different company than Nutrafarms but seriously people-buyer beware!

                                        Comment on Rocheliere's Review of Nutrafarms
                                        1. in response to: We were totally talked into signing ...

                                          About 10-12 lbs Actually... natural, delivered, guaranteed and exchangeable.. Well worth it especially if you impulse buy at the stores.

                                          Comment on Aquarelle's Review of Nutrafarms
                                          1. influi ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                            2014-03-03 19:48:15 #meat

                                            We were totally talked into signing up, but when the sales person left and didn't leave us a list of what we actually purchased we were worried. When we asked for the list and did the math the price of the meat came to about $34 a kilo (lots of hidden costs on the last page) So we decided to cancel our order. Very smooth sales person and cheeky sales tactics. BEWARE

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                                            1. About 10 - 12 lbs Actually ... natural , delivered , guaranteed and exchangeable .. Well ... »more
                                            2. I dont trust them . The sales person who came to the ... »more
                                          2. So... I just had asomeone stop by my house to sign me up for a meat order. The price seemed pretty steep but I chalked that up to being the cost of having clean, individually wrapped, humanely treated meat. he explained the price to me which while expensive was completely manageable and asked me to sign the payment details and sales receipt. Being the tired and stressed out person I am, I neglected to see that he had in fact folded the payment sheet about half way down the page effectively hiding the top part that stated this was a "Retail Credit Application and Agreement". When he asked me for identification he stated that it was to verify that I was the person listed on the cheque that I gave him that would pay the initial deposit of $95. His trainee started talking to my wife and I which got the attention off of Rob while he took down all of the info from my drivers license. I signed the paper like a dumbass and they left immediately. So here I am sitting here trying to absorb what just happened. I have no proof that the trainee deliberately shifted focus, he could have just wanted to talk. He was completely quiet up until that point though and Rob had been talking for the better part of an hour by then. I can't speak to the quality of the meat. I have heard it is decent thought.

                                            Comment on suspensum's Review of Nutrafarms
                                            1. Awesome , great company and meat ... »more
                                            2. Date : Wed , 19 Jun 2013 10 : 20 : 52 - 0400 Subject : RE ... »more
                                            3. Steve , You were contacted by Nutrafarms and you advised them that ... »more
                                          3. in response to: So ... I just had asomeone stop ...

                                            Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 10:20:52 -0400
                                            Subject: RE: Cancellation of order
                                            From: nnieradka@gmail.com
                                            To: fkahn@sympatico.ca

                                            Thank you for such a quick resolution to my issue.

                                            I would like to say that Rob was an excellent salesman. While I feel uneasy about how last night played out I in no way harbor any resentment or Ill feelings towards Rob. My hopes are that this was just an unfortunate misunderstanding that we can all learn from.

                                            Comment on Lunergans's Review of Nutrafarms
                                            1. Dulce ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                              2013-12-28 05:54:41 #night

                                              Thank you for all the reviews - they were in my neighbourhood last night knocking at doors. I am supposed to get my free sample at noon today and guess what?? they can keep it

                                              Comment on Dulce's Review of Nutrafarms
                                              1. Thank you for placing an order with Nutrafarms and we look ... »more
                                            2. paciscor ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                              2013-10-24 13:39:14

                                              I wanted to cancel my order and it turned into a complete nightmare. I found the initial salesperson to leave out important information. I felt pressured to buying their product. I haven't received their product and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I will forever regret inviting them into my home. Beyond disappointed with their service and sales tactics.

                                              Comment on paciscor's Review of Nutrafarms
                                              1. I would be very careful of a company roaming around the Ottawa and Toronto area, they are called NutraFarms. They will try to provide you a sample and even heard they take back the sample if you don't sign up for a $3000 contract. NutraFarms seem to have been setup to deceive people. I would categorize them as crooks. If true they are some of the best crooks out there because lots of people still don't realize they are getting scammed and keep on buying from them.

                                                The company has not being honest when I started asking questions such as where are the farms, where are the certification to back all the free range, no antibiotic claims. Nutrafarms Regional Manager provided excuses saying the farmers are shy and want to remain anonymous. Also their web site is "under construction" I was told after an email to someone in the "contact us". So any affiliations or certifications are not present on the web site. That actually makes sens because they don't have any. When you buy from NutraFarms, there is no way that you can verify what you are feeding your family. Also when looking at various trace on the internet it seems Nutrafarms started operating only in May 2008, before that, they must have operated under the name Canadian Select Farm because they both share the same postal address.

                                                Maybe Nutrafarms is truly what they claim but it is not possible to verify because the company is not being transparent at all and also uses many deceiving tactics. Maybe the "blast freeze" makes the meat better as oppose to free range, etc.

                                                Did you notice those that ordered, that you actually don't know the quantities you ordered until you receive it? This is quite a weird way of buy goods and from what I could see you will get about 160lbs of meat for the cost of $2895, that is probably 3 times the price you get from the real "free range" farmers out there that has all certificate and you can visit the farms.

                                                Nutrafarms uses another deceiving tactics, they will provide you with a certificate with a big "Free Range" stamp. Unfortunately that stamp is an illusion because the small print shows "Free Range Canada Inc". That company is a whole seller no certification at all see www.freerangecanada.ca.

                                                Anyways you have 10 days cooling off period to cancel in writing via registered letter. Beside the cost of registered letter, NutraFarm can't impose any other costs since they didn't provide you yet with any products except the free sample. see http://www.sse.gov.on.ca/mcs/en/Pages/Cancel_a_Contract.aspx

                                                Comment on Nifty's Review of Nutrafarms
                                                1. Interesting , to be honest I am waiting as I write this ... »more
                                              2. in response to: THE MEATS ARE REALLY TENDER AND ...

                                                Scam artists/cons. Unless you eat a ton a meat and got money to burn, these guys are a Class A rip off!

                                                Comment on Kamasutra's Review of Nutrafarms
                                                1. Your post and Ip is from one of our competitors ... »more
                                                2. We have no record of your order ... »more
                                              3. THE MEATS ARE REALLY TENDER AND THE BACON IS TO DIE FOR.

                                                Comment on Nutraways's Review of Nutrafarms
                                                1. Scam artists / cons . Unless you eat a ton a meat and ... »more
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